About moi, the author :)

moi au radio 2

CANDICE FRANCOEUR – CFranki (That’s me!)

So, you want to know more about me eh? Well I won’t tell you my life story or anything but here goes… I grew up in good old Blind River Ontario and I graduated from École Secondaire Catholique Jeunesse Nord..that’s right, I’m french 🙂 (yay for bilingualism!)  My love for reporting/radio/tv has brought me into my 2nd (and last) year in the Broadcast Journalism program at Loyalist college. What else is there to me? Well besides having fun rocking the mic on the radio…I enjoy working out(Im sort of a health freak), cooking up somthing..vegan, photography (my dad is a professional photographer 🙂 .. iv’e been taking pictures for a while.. I litterally started when I was like 2! haha so i guess that’s where I get it from). The only sport I was ever really into was volleyball (havent played for a while..since highschool). I know your probably just about to gauge your eyes out right now from boredom..so ill just stop right here… The rest of me is a mystery. (well not really..)  I’ll be in Wawa throughout the summer working with the awsome JJAM FM radio team!.. I’ll be spending every day with you guys on-air at JJAM  from noon until 6pm..keep listening to JJAM FM…Rock on wawa! xoxoxo



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