I shall be back…

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Back in Blind River for me!… Your afternoon host (That’s Moi) will be gone on Friday. But I’m sure Rick or Dan will do a fine job keeping you entertained throughout the afternoon! It’s been a great summer working at the station. I just want to thank everyone for listening to JJAM FM and my afternoon show 😉 heehee and also thank all my great new JJAM FM radio buddies for having me…(and putting up with all my craziness) I will never forget you & ill always keep in touch. 🙂

Oh..And..Don’t worry… you can’t get rid of me that easily.. I’ll BE BACK…to visit 😉 sometime when I get a decent  reading break.

And Here’s the last group photo taken of the JJAM FM radio team for this summer 🙂

JJAM FM radio team. Summer 2009

(From Left: Candice Francoeur..or Candice Franki, Rick Labbe, Daniel Walker, Kerry L. Labbe)

Thanks for everything guys!!! I’ll def be back sometime to visit….Until then keep listening to JJAM FM! Love Ya WAWA! xoxoxo

-Candice Franki 😀


Join us on Facebook…

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Hey, for everyone who  has a facebook account..you can follow us by joining the JJAM FM Wawa group!

Join in for updates, contests, winners, announcements, and more!  Here`s the link….


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Just a note.. The Majestic bar and Grill contest is over..Congrats to all the winners..and all those who participated! 😀

Win With JJAM FM And The Majestic Bar And Grill

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JJAM FM And The Majestic Bar and Grill is Giving you the Chance to win a 70 $ Gift certificate! All you have to do is be the 7th caller when you hear the Majestic Bar and Grill Greeting. Draws are held every Friday morning with the Morning Man John David Hart at 8:50am. The contest is ending this week… So if you havent gotten a certificate already, you have one more chance at winning this Friday! So listen in…and win! On your local radio station…JJAM FM!

Welcome to the JJAM FM Radio Blog!

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Hey, just wanted to say hello and welcome to my JJAM FM radio blog. It’s new, and i am technology-impaired.. so bear with me, it will get better I promise! 😛 Here you will find info, contests, polls, events, send in your comments on what you like to hear, lucky winners, and updates on whats going down at the station. For those of you who have never heard of JJAM FM 107.1… it’s our local station in Wawa, Ontario also covering the Chapleau area on 100.7. So be sure to check the blog daily and feel free to leave your comments to let me know what you think. Until then, keep on listening to today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites…JJAM FM!  🙂